Is it Body, Mind, or Spirit?

Most people would answer or believe that it is Mind, which is not true.

Spirit is the correct answer.

To understand that, let us look at a finger, which is part of the body. The mind tells the finger (body) to move and the finger moves, and when the mind commands the finger not to move, the finger (body) cannot move without mind’s permission.

So this shows that mind is more pwoerful than the body. But at the moment where the spirit leaves the system, then mind and body cannot function without it. The spirit is the life energy for the body and mind to function.

At night time, when the body and mind are resting in deep sleep, what runs the system?

It is the spirit (subconscious mind) that runs the system.

If the spirit takes a rest, then that is called death. This way we can understand that spirit works for us 24/7, not just for a week, a month, or a year, but for our whole life, since our first breath we took as a baby until we take last breath at death.

It is the most powerful energy in our system, but because it is invisible, we do not appreciate that.

Spirit prevades the mind, enlightens it, and in turn the mind pervades the body and enlightens us with its energy.

When we die, the spirit merges with the universal energy, which is sometimes referred to as: God, Mother Nature, Supreme Power, Higher Spirit, Heavenly Father, Angel, Master, Messenger and so on. We will know what happens to us at death when it’s our time.

Now according to physics, the law of energy says that energy definitely continues to exist in some form that we cannot see.

For example, in a cell phone the phone itself is a body, the application that runs on the phone is the mind and battery represents the spirit (the source of energy). When the battery runs out, we say the cell phone is dead. Just because the cell phone is dead it does not mean that the network connection it is using is dead and not in existence. When you call someone, before signal goes to to their phone, that signal travels invisibly, hundreds of milies to the satellite and comes back in a fraction of a second. The network connection continues to remain on. Same way the connection between the spirit and the universe is always on but because we cannot see it, we never appreciate it; same way we cannot see the connection between the cell phone and the satellite.

Once we understand how that network between the universe and the spirit works, then we can resolve so many problems that the body and mind go through throughout life and we can make positive changes in our life.

The brain, which is a part of the body, when it thinks, we call them “thoughts”. Out of a thousand thoughts, the thought that goes through the mind again and again with higher frequency and higher intensity, a word (at this stage where the thought becomes the word). Once the same feeling goes to the spirit (subconcious mind) again and again, that feeling becomes that feeling. Now that feeling comes out as a word (at this stage where the thought becomes the word). Once the same feeling goes to the spirit (subconscious mind) again and again, that feeling becomes emotion/passion, which in turn becomes an action or comes out as a manifestation or realization or experience or deed (at this stage the same thought becomes an action).

Why is that the thought which reaches to spirit level becomes action or manifestation?

The spirit is like a mirror. When you stand in front of the mirror it will show you what is shown to the mirror. If you smile, it will show your smile instantly. If you make funny faces, it will show your funny faces. The same way when the body/mind thinks and feels the thought, then instantly that feeling/thought is projected on the spirit as an image. For example, right now if I tell you not to think of a white elephant, you will instantly create an image of a white elephant. Here, in spite of my telling you not to think of a white elephant, not only did you think of it, but made an image of it. The reason is, mind does not have an image for “don’t”.

There is no way that the mind can put a cross off or a blank screen on a white elephant image. At this time, I am telling you not to think of that white elephant going through a small town behind which three small kids are walking.

Did you realize that you made a movie in your mind in spite of me telling you not the think of it? The same way whenever we think of anything, we are continuously making a movie of our thoughts, subconsciously. Do you know why we make this movie without our knowledge? You had not realized that you make movies in your head, until I told you, so you have not been making this movie for yourself, or for others. YOU HAVE BEEN MAKING THIS MOVIE FOR THE UNIVERSE TO SEE IT, SO IT CAN GIVE BACK TO YOU WHAT YOU ARE CREATEING THE IMAGE OF. That’s the way this network connection between the spirit and universe works. It is the way the spiritual energy software works, just like all other software in the world runs on the image.

Let us take another example when your husband or wife starts talking about a topic that you don’t want to talk about at that time, you smartly change the topic and try to bring up another topic, to divert the attention of your husband or wife from the topic that you don’t want to talk about. What you are doing here is changing your movie reel, and he/she will start talking about the new topic that you put into his/her mind by changing the movie reel.

When you keep saying passionately with frustration and emotions that “I can’t lose weight, or “I don’t want to be fat.” The universe is looking at that image/movie and understands that you want to be fat. It will make sure that you will remain fat, by giving you enough money, resources, bad habits, and taste for the unhealthy food. It will also make sure that your body, surroundings, people, circumstances, and situation contribute to fulfill your image of becoming fat. The universe does not look at the word “don’t” since it has no image, but looks at your image of being fat. So instead of thinking of what you don’t want to be, you need to start thinking of what you want or what you want to be. You should also think passionately and emotionally, so that whatever your desire is, it will be projected on the spirit clearly as an image/movie for the universe to see it and give it back to you as a manifestation or action.

Worrying is nothing but thinking of things that you don’t want in life, and dreaming is nothing but thinking of things that you want in life. It is the same process, but the images created on the spirit are complete opposite. If you keep focusing on the things that you don’t want then it is going to happen for the same reason. So you might as well focus on the things that you want in life, and universe will give it to you sooner or later depending on how clearly you create your image/movie of your desire for the universe to see and understand. So from now on, keep saying I want to THINNNER, HEALTHIER, AND HAPPIER. Go for positive imaginations and visualizations. Believe it and behave like as if it is happening, and nature will make it happen for you.

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