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Why Don’t People Try to Lose Weight?

Obesity means complications of various types for people. So why are some people not trying to fix it?

1. You may be thinking there is no cure for it and it will be a problem forever.
2. You have doubts and feel that things will only work for others.
3. You have fears and wonder if you can even do it or stick to a diet plan.
4. Status quo is better. People generally will not change their situation if they are comfortable with it.
5. Addiction to foods. You don’t want to lose your favorites.

So, don’t worry about it right now. Do not have fear or doubts about it; don’t behave as if there is no cure and do nothing about it. Start doing something positively. Think positively. Tell yourself that you can do it, believe it, and by doing that, you will be able to start on the road to healthy weight loss.
Complications of Obesity
Obesity is really an epidemic now. Everywhere we go – to the mall, on the road, etc. – every second or third person we see is obese.

What is the definition of obesity?

Obesity is determined by our BMI – Body Mass Index, which is the ratio of height and weight. Our sex is also part of the final determination. You can check your BMI on the internet.

40 or above: Severely Obese
35 – 40: Morbidly Obese
30 – 35: Obese
25 – 30: Overweight
Below 25: Healthy
18 or less: Underweight

Why is it important to check obesity and fix it?
You may say that you are okay with the way you are and try to ignore the problem. Obesity has a lot of complications – physical, mental and social. The physical problems include many medical issues such as high cholesterol, high risk of heart problems and stroke, high risk of varicose veins, sleep apnea, joint problems, and hypertension among others. Obesity can also cause depression when the person goes into a negative state of mind due to them being overweight. The social complications occur when the person does not want to be with people because of their weight.

Try to think what you can do to fix the problem and address your obesity. Ignoring obesity will not make it go away. We age every second as we go into our future frame. Our systems do not work the way they used to. Our risk of complications goes up if we do not address the problem of obesity. We need to do something about our obesity now.

How a Low Caloric Diet Induces Substantial Weight Loss

First of all, we need to be aware that a Low Calorie Diet has from 800 to 1,200 calories per day, while a Very Low Calorie Diet has from 500 to 1000 calories per day. When the person hears the calorie restrictions, they become afraid.

If the person weighs 250 pounds and wants to weigh 200 pounds, they may need to lose 50 pounds based on their height or Body Mass Index. If they consume 5,000 calories per day, they will be basically maintaining that weight. Some days, they may eat 3,000, while other days of the week, they will be eating maybe 8,000 calories. To lose that 50 pounds, they need to consume fewer calories per day. At 250 pounds, they will use 15 to 20 calories per pound just with regular activities, expirations and breathing. When they consume 500 calories per day, the excess 4,500 calories of energy will come from the excess fat storage. In losing this fat storage, they will lose weight. In 30 to 40 days, they will lose about a pound a day, or 30 to 40 pounds.

When the person becomes doubtful of being able to stay on the 500 to 1000 calorie diet, they are starting a negative thread. They need to have faith that they can do this. It is not the medicine or the diet, but the faith in themselves that they will not be hungry. Fat calories are the stored energy that will be used to keep them from getting hungry. The negative thought of doubt needs to become a positive thought of faith. The negative thought of fear becomes a positive thought of confidence in themselves. When they consume only 500 calories per day, the 4,500 calories needs to come from someplace other than food, and will come from the 50 pounds of excess fat storage. When they have faith in themselves, this works. When they begin to lose weight, they will require fewer calories, also.

Losing weight can be compared to a retirement. When a person retires, they no longer have the regular income. They need to depend on the on the money they have invested in their retirement accounts, 401K, or whatever it might be. Sometimes, they need to depend on other savings until they can get started receiving regular payments from their retirement funds. In the same way, a person with that 50 pounds of excess fat is like the retirement fund. They need to set up a system that has a mechanism for you so you will not be hungry. Just like the retiree, they may not have “money” coming in right away. Medication can help in the beginning. It’s all about physics, mathematics, and biology.

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